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Welcome to my world of hula hooping, juggling, dance, and dazzling LED performance! My name is Corean and I am a cirque artist & variety artist. I am most known for my unique hula hooping acts involving up to 7 hula hoops or over 40 on my waist. In addition, I have skills in juggling, numerous dance styles (such as charleston swing & belly dance, to name a couple), LED, and other forms of prop manipulation. My skill sets have allowed me to create some unique variety shows and I have performances ranging from 5 - 25 minutes duration.

My performances are more than just standing on a stage and doing tricks. My pieces have character and typically combine dance and/or storytelling elements with amazing circus skills. My pieces come complete with beautiful costuming and are meticulously choreographed to my own music. Additionally, my recent studies in theatre/clowning/improv have taught me how to really engage and connect with the audience while performing on stage.


LSU BasketBall Halftime Show

Six Flags Arlington Joker Ride Media Launch

The Shops at Legacy Grand Opening Weekend

M.A.C Cosmetics Toledo MakeUp Launch

The Wildflower Arts & Music Festival

City of Carrolton Festival

Medical City Rebranding Event

And many more!

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True Professional. Corean performed for our Isabel and Ruben Toledo event. She was prompt and professional in every manner. She has a charismatic personality and definitely very talented in her craft. I hope to have the chance to work with her again!

~John, M.A.C Cosmetics